Unlock true teamwork. Deliver customer vehicles on time, every time.

DealerFlow allows your team to communicate and collaborate in real time — all on one interactive platform. Never miss a vehicle delivery again.

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Managing a dealership can be tough. We get it.

Fragmented communication channels
Wasted time looking for vehicles
Disappointed customers due to delays

Enter DealerFlow

View messages, task lists, work orders and due dates on one platform

Direct link to your CRM, posting work orders as soon as they are sent

Intelligent algorithm automatically identifies tasks, assigns teams and due dates

Work orders are visualized on an interactive dashboard in real time

100% private and secure

Always deliver vehicles on time by drastically reducing miscommunication

Everyone is connected and has up to date information

All stakeholders share one dynamic and interactive calendar

See exactly what each person is working on in real time

We help you eliminate inefficiencies and chaos while getting vehicles ready for customer deliveries

The results speak for themselves




yearly savings


hours saved yearly

Increase revenue by improving customer satisfaction

Repeat sales from future vehicle purchases
Customers return for vehicle service
Satisfied customers refer dealership to friends

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